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M.D. Science Labs Max Trigger Formula 2 Tablets


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For an overall sense of well-being and a boost in sex drive and vitality, Max Trigger is a supplement that helps boost testosterone performance, and improves the way the body makes use of it.

When a man has a lower level of testosterone, it can contribute to weight gain, and loss of sexual appetite, which will usually negatively affect other areas of his life. Max Trigger contains a researched blend of ingredients like zinc, which has been shown to improve both the amount of sperm you produce and the sperm's mobility, saw palmetto, which helps improve general reproductive system function, and herbals that help keep your testosterone levels optimal.

A full breakdown of ingredients is included on the packaging, as well as directions for use. As with any supplement, consult your doctor if you have underlying health problems.

Additional Information: 

Best to take about an hour or two before for best results. Gives extra girth for guys and longer erection time too.