Optimale Travel Essentials Kit For Men

Be ready for action wherever adventures lead with Optimale's Travel Essentials Kit. This handy collection of lube, enhancement cream, shave lotion and deodorant spray travel easily, tucking away just about anywhere. Prep for playtime with silky Shaving Cream, a smooth barrier cream safe for use body-wide. Afterward, apply a little So Dry Anti-Chafe lotion on to stay dry and fresh right all night. Just before things heat up, give the So Big Plumping Cream a go, this silky formula helps increase blood flow for a thicker appearance. So Fresh Deodorant Spray keeps you smelling fantastic, enough to attract a lucky mate who just may benefit from the ultra smooth slipperiness of Water-Based Glide.
Additional Information: 
Contains Water Based Glide 1oz (29.6mL) So Big Plumping Cream 1oz (29.6mL) So Dry Anti-Chafing Lotion 1oz (29.6mL) So Smooth Shaving Cream 1oz (29.6mL) So Fresh Deodorant Spray 1oz (29.6mL)