Great lube!

Nature Lovin' Lube Honey Bear

6 oz

A naturally sourced, benefit-packed water based lube in an adorable honey bear squeeze bottle, this slick, silky sexual moisturizer is amazingly versatile, safe for sensitive skin, and completely compatible with any toy in your collection.

Crystal clear and impressively slippery, Honey Bear works with the body's own natural lubrication to enhance the glide and reduce friction during sex, foreplay and fun with toys of all kinds. It's fully water based, absorbing naturally into the skin and rinsing off sheets and clothing with plain water. Simply apply whenever needed.

Aside from delivering pleasurable and functional lubrication, Honey Bear contains three key health-enhancing ingredients, and like the rest of the components making up this lube, they're high quality, food grade and FDA approved.

Carrageenen is the first of these, an extract of red seaweed, it's been shown in some studies to help prevent the spread of the HPV virus. L-Lysine is next, this amino acid suppresses the herpes virus and could help combat transference. Finally royal jelly graces Honey Bear, this is a substance collected by bees and fed specifically to the queen bee, ensuring her health. Royal jelly contains an impressive array of vitamins, folic acid and amino acids, all essential for tissue health and repair.

Water soluble Non-staining Condom safe Toy safe.

Mojo highly recommends this for generously proportioned men! 

Additional Information: 
Glycerin Free, Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, Unscented