Max Control Male Sex Prolong Boxed Spray

Enjoy harder, longer lasting erections thanks to Max 4 Men's Max Control Male Sex Prolong Spray by Classic Erotica, a desensitizing topical agent that reduces sensitivity in the penis to allow for prolonged play. Formulated with Lidocaine as its active ingredient, this spray is designed to be applied to the head of the penis (not the shaft!) just before any sexual activity to allow for absorption. You'll want to give it 5-10 minutes before coming into contact with your playmate, as you want it to completely dry to avoid it transferring the desensitizing sensation. Experiment with the amount you need by starting with dime-sized pour and reapply as necessary. Contains 0.5oz (15mL).
Additional Information: 
Sugar-Free Sulfate-Free Water-Soluble Greaseless Non-Staining Adult Toy & Latex Friendly Made in USA No Animal Testing