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Cosmic Bear Lube Glow In The Dark

6 oz

Adding body safe phosphorescent ingredients to a famously natural water based formula, the Cosmic Bear is a glowing take on Nature Lovin's versatile lube.

A little thicker than liquid but not quite a gel, this super slick, never tacky moisturizer has incredible staying power wherever applied- thanks to the glow-in-the-dark bottle, it'll never get misplaced when the lights go off.

Like all Nature Lovin's offerings, only the finest goes into every honey-bear shaped bottle, and two standout ingredients in particular are set to revolutionize the lubricant world. Carrageenen is the first of these, an extract of red seaweed, it's been shown in some studies to help prevent the spread of the HPV virus. L-Lysine is next, this amino acid suppresses the herpes virus and could help combat transference.

Water soluble Non-staining Condom safe Toy safe Non-toxic