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There is a serious funding gap in society

Why is it we as humans are not experiencing true thankfulness? I ponder over this from time to time, and realize now that we as a society has created a ‘want more’, and for things that really don’t matter at all.

I thought that my experience of being without a home, no income, no credit and all the pain that brings where you approach is day as the last day of survival, because looking forward is not an option. Well, I had to slap myself to get back to reality.

Yes, I spent almost 3 years’ couch surfing or in shelters, just surviving. I had nothing. Not even Mojo, my pup for much of that time. Only faith. Today I have a home, a wonderful husband and family, income, my credit is back and we don’t go without food. And I find myself wanting more. What’s with that? I ponder that perhaps this is what caused me become homeless. The wanting more in me.

Today is a start in I have enough mentality. Things are looking wonderful each day. Life is good. I am not going to allow myself to be re-sucked into the sick mentality of current society that I ‘want more’. I am good, ok.

All I truly care for is my family, my dog, and helping others. You see, during my journey I saw gaps in our society that I truly didn’t realize they existed until I needed a hand up.

As most of us, I believed that if I needed assistance it would be there. Well, it wasn’t. The amount of red tape in bureaucracy is scary and overwhelming.

There is a serious funding gap within local communities, which directly affects the working poor. These gaps are driving people into poverty, keeping them down and creating homelessness.


Well, presently there are 3 categories of support; abuse, mental illness and addict/alcoholic support systems. There is funding for these initiatives, which is awesome. Yet what about individuals who are not being abused, don’t have mental illness or addiction issues?

That was me. When my journey started.

Over the 3 years I have had to access community support because due to lack of inadequate housing I ended up in several housing situations that I was abused – physically, mentally and financially. It is a slippery slope.

At several points I could have ended up leaving my concerns to addiction and just checking out. It is easier to cope with daily disappointment when you are numb. You experience anxiety, depression and a sense of overwhelming sadness.  Just to get up and look for work takes all you got. And, there is never enough food.

I survived all of this. Yet, had there been support for me PRIOR to getting into these abusive situations I truly believe none of the horrible things I went through would have happened.

Think about it.

What happens to a young family, whose breadwinner(s) are downsized, and they need a buffer to keep their home?

What happens to a LBGT young adult who is financially dependent upon her/his parents – and comes out, then cut off, abandoned emotionally and financially by their support lifeline?

What happens to a single mother/father who falls ill, and cannot afford to keep the family off the streets? And they don’t fall within the traditional categories of support.

Answer – there is a huge risk that they eventually fall into one of these three traditional categories of support.

On the streets, without adequate housing youths experience a high risk of abuse, anxiety, depression and the culture of the street which leads to drug and alcohol abuse and possible interaction with the justice system.

This simply should not happen in our society where some of us have so much, and others nothing. Through no fault of their own. Shit happens.

Sometimes it is karma, sometimes not. It doesn’t matter how someone got to be homeless.

What matters is working together as a society to make sure we are there for a hand up before they get to a point that the journey back up takes everything they got, and more.

Think about being homeless. What would you want to happen, if it happened to you?

Michele CEO