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How two social activists ended up selling sex & lingerie to end poverty & homelessness

Let’s explore why Donation Shopping and our focus to offer sexual health, lingerie and basically everything about charging your mojo up.

When I look back to the time I was homeless, jobless and without money all I see is the lack of choices, lack of fun money (because everything that came in was for survival). Not a fun or healthy way to live.

Something funny (or perhaps exasperating) happened to me along the way. Mojo, my pup, has an annoying habit of destroying panties – yes panties! Think about it – I had no income, no money and looking for work.

After a long anxiety filled day of job hunting, feeling hungry and ready to crash I came home (couch in someone else’s home) to this little one having destroyed EVERY single pair of panties I owned. And I had no money to buy more.

Sort of threw me right into the commando thing for a while.

Yes, some she saved more as crotch less.

Always been a lover of lingerie, I decided to offer fun sexy, sexual products to raise money for those who this was out of reach in their current situation. Those homeless, those living in poverty – like I was.

When your choice is pay for shelter or pay the electric bill or part filling your pantry so you have the energy to work, or look for work, the last thing you can afford is extras to make yourself feel good and supplements to keep your health balanced and motivated.

Sex is part of a good life isn’t it? Feeling engaged with another person is too. Our product line is offered to those who CAN afford these special fun purchases to raise money for those who CAN’T. Simple.

How does our e-cart work? When you shop all things sex and fun at Work MY Mojo™ 10% of your purchase is donated to select charities and not-for-profit organizations. We establish partnerships with local charities worldwide who are providing assistance to youth, the LBGTQ community and veterans.

Where does the rest go? We are a private company. There is the cost of product, then internal costs such as marketing, and advertising. The team does not draw a salary. It all goes back into Work MY Mojo to keep it going so that we can continue our fight against poverty and homelessness. We pay our bills by working for the Man, like most of us do.

This is a social project. It is not about making a buck. It is about correcting what is inherently wrong in our world.

We do our best to seek out grassroots, overlooked or under-funded charities where your donation directly funds their cause rather than their operations. Simple - 10% of the sales we make for them go directly to struggling local initiatives to helpmpeople in crisis. 

All the money raised through our Donation Shopping™ initiative goes to food banks, shelters and outreach missions. We send the money you donate at checkout to a charity located in your area, using your delivery address at checkout as the indicator where to send the money.

After purchase, if you wish to specify where your donation goes, a simple email to me @ does it! If your donation amounts to $20 or more at check out, Work MY Mojo™ will send the donation direct to the charity, and ask the charity to send you a tax receipt to you directly.

Help us out in our war against poverty and homelessness.  REAL everyday change is possible. If you, yes YOU! have a charity or not-for-profit in your community let us know so we can partner with them to aid their work in the community. 

Together with your help, Donation Shopping™ will help struggling charities make a meaningful impact for Canada’s homeless, working poor and marginalized individuals and families in your community.